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The Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT possesses expertise in the field of conception, design, product development, processing technology, material development and characterization as well as quality assurance. Main research is done in the field of material development and processing technologies for cellular polymeric materials, the development of material composites and hybrid materials for lightweight structural components as well as surface and interfacial surface modification in material composites. Novel coating materials on the basis of ceramising and foaming polymeric systems are developed and adapted for the fire protection of various building components.


Within the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance the ICT is particularly responsible for

  • environmentally compatible and bio-based thermal insulation materials
  • particle foamed plastic for thermal insulation
  • material composites for façade / insulation elements
  • hybrid materials for functional elements
  • plastic heat exchanger
  • scratch-resistant coatings
  • photocatalytically active coatings / self-cleaning surfaces
  • fire protection / fire protection of wood
  • intumescence coatings / insulating layer forming coatings