Fields of Research

The Building Innovation Alliance systematically examines buildings, from the building materials used all the way to the finished housing development. The portfolio also includes the chronological observation of a building covering the entire life of the object. All of these areas represent chances for rationalization and potential optimizations which are to be leveraged and realized. The Building Innovation Alliance creates exactly those synergies in the portfolios offered by the various Fraunhofer institutes involved that make it possible for customers to give their products new value added. 


Advanced Materials − The Basis of Innovative Buildings


Modular Construction − Easier and Faster Construction


Comfort and Health − Performance and Well-Being through Comfort


Digitalization and BIM − Digital Innovation Factory


Energy and Resource Efficiency − Efficient. Environmentally Friendly. Sustainable.


Smart Building − Better Quality of Life Through Sensor Technologies




Smart Cities – Energy-Efficient and Livable