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Fraunhofer Information Center for Regional Planning and Building Construction

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The Fraunhofer Information Center for Regional Planning and Building construction IRB is the central support facility for the national and international transfer of expertise in the field of building in Germany. To ease the access to the expertise information offer for all those, who need information for professional or study purposes or for research and teaching, inquiries are made possible free of charge by means of the information portal ( All building-relevant target groups in small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) to building researchers are addressed in this way. Information comes from own as well as foreign data bases and is updated by specialists of the institute.


Within the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance the IRB is particularly responsible for

  • knowledge and information transfer to all building-relevant target groups
  • free inquiries on
  • inquiries in professional data bases of the building sector
  • provision of professional information for education and further training
  • development and operation of Internet portals
  • organization and execution of conferences
  • publication and distribution of research results
  • press and public relations activities concerning the following instruments
  1. Newsletter Building Research
  2. press releases on relevant topics and events in expert editorial offices and associations
  3. membership in the working group of expert editorial houses
  4. IRB E-Mail Newsletter
  5. fairs and workshops