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The Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO is convinced that business success in times of globalization first of all means to use technological potentials in a most profitable way. This means for the building sector that besides technical aspects also problems of structure and organization must be considered from an integral point of view to achieve an increase in productivity and quality along the entire value chain. Thus, the technology management approach of the Fraunhofer IAO also comprises aspects of process management, the development of organization, innovation and R&D management as well as personnel-oriented quality management.

Within the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance the IAO is particularly responsible for

  • immersive building design and urban planning for example by means of Virtual Reality as design and communication technology (geometry, processes and behavior)
  • identification and assessment of new technologies (technology Radar)
  • analyses of trends and future scenarios for construction and buildings
  • space-organizational building design (office, laboratory, nursing home, hotel)
  • assessment of the quality of office real estate (Office Store)
  • development of sustainable work and office concepts (Green Office)
  • energy and materials flow analyses of new technologies
  • selection and development of performance-based business models
  • support in the life-cycle-oriented development of services
  • strategy, organization and planning of research and development