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Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research

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The clear esthetics of timber construction comes up to the significant trends of our society in an almost perfect way as concerns to sustainability, health (healthy living) and energy efficiency. The high degree of prefabrication allows short construction periods and thus the realization of cost-efficient buildings. Research and development activities of the Fraunhofer WKI are aimed at improving the use of wood as a material as well as other renewable resources in the value chain of building. Activities focus on the development of innovative building materials, building material emissions, the development and testing of new timer constructions as well as fire protection.


Within the Fraunhofer Building Innovation Alliance the WKI is particularly responsible for

  • timber engineering systems
  • fire protection
  • passive buildings
  • innovative materials made of renewable resources
  • reduction of building material emissions
  • polymeric surfaces
  • façade systems
  • fasteners
  • building processes
  • approvals for use in construction and monitoring