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Swellable Thermoplastelastomer-Composite

Fraunhofer UMSICHT develops concepts and materials for for self-repairing sealings on the basis of swellable polymers. They are used e. g. in civil engineering (sealing of joints in buildings) and sewerage technology (sealing of pipe connections). A current activity of UMSICHT is the development of “Swellable Thermoplast-Elastomer-Composites (Q-TE-C® )”. The properties of new material are similar to rubber, at the same time it can easily be processed (similar to thermoplastic materials), disposes of an excellent recycling capability, and its ability to swell provides the basis for a new generation of sealing systems.

Technologische Spezifikationen
• Various compounding units for the development of materials
• Measuring method for the determination of swelling pressure of swellable materials
• Application and processing technology (injection molding, calendering, extrusion)
• Material testing according to DIN methods
• Provision of sample quantities in laboratory scale (some 100 g)
• Provision of sample quantities in technical and industrial scale (some 100 kg)