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ACCEPT stands for Assistant for Quality Check during Construction Execution Processes for Energy-efficienT buildings. The better energy-efficient building components of today have one major flaw: The loss of efficiency through improper usage during the building process can be dramatic. ACCEPT will ensure the proper usage of the components during the building process with the help of Smart Glasses (Optical Head Mounted Displays, e.g. Google Glass or Epson Moverio ). The Smart Glasses will unobtrusively provide the workers on site with guidelines exactly when needed, while common methodologies - defined by the site manager - for all workers can be incorporated to standardize and coordinate the overall working activities. The execution details brought to the construction site by ACCEPT can be customized for the working site, the building components and the different contractors to even bridge language barriers with ease. In this way it is possible not only to minimize the loss of efficiency due to thermal bridges or bad air-tightness, but also to increase the overall efficiency, reliability and productivity of the construction processes.

Within the project, the Fraunhofer Center Building Technology is concerned with data collection and interpretation for execusion deficiency recognition.