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Digital factory planning.

Construction projects are interdisciplinary undertakings involving many and diverse actors. Although models have simplified work in the construction industry substantially for everyone involved in this era of progressive digitization, the wide variety of data formats and types of construction models impede interoperability among actors. That is why this research project intends to simplify communication beyond different file formats,  thus creating an effective planning process with high quality data. The project partner Complevo GmbH will be using the collected data to allocate resources (machinery, staff, material, etc.) optimally among projects.

The Fraunhofer IFF is pursuing research based on:

  • collecting digital data from diverse sources centrally and providing the results of planning distributedly
  • preprocessing data for a mathematical optimization model, and
  • semi-automatically linking data from different sources

in order to organize construction projects more efficiently and cost effectively.

This research project is being funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as part of its initiative “KMU-innovativ”