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Principle draft of the system structure

Unrecognized damages cause renovation costs in billions every year. Even building collapses can not be ruled out. Most construction damages are caused by penetrating moisture, respectively by moisture caused by particular physcial conditions (extrem conditions, for example in indoor ice rinks or pools). Currently available systems for measuring wood humidity enable only selective analysis of conditions. But due to the diversity of damage causes, like aging of waterproofing, change in usage and building structure overload, it is almost impossible to predict where damage will occur. The H₂O WOOD-CONTROLLER is adressing this issue and enables a comprehensive construction monitoring, by using the specially designed laminated timber 2.0. The lamella of laminated timber 2.0 consists of three layers of spruce wood. The glue joints are executed electrically conductive by inserting a wire mesh. The glue layers are contacted and connected to a resistance measuring device. The middle layer of the glue laminated wood lamella 2.0 is considered as electrical conductor. The moisture content of the wood is determined by electrical resistance. The localisation precition of potential moisture damage in the construction can be achieved by sectionalizing of the glue laminated wood lamella 2.0.