Structural Measures


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Different test cubes.

Fraunhofer EMI develops materials for protective structures and for the protection of infrastructure against extreme loadings such as explosions, fires, strong-wind events as well as earthquakes or flood. This includes the development and advancement of ultra-high-performance concretes and the outline of concept solutions to loading scenarios like airplane crashes. Within this realm, the institute offers protection concepts to improve the residual load-carrying capacity of building structures. Polymer concrete (bioconcrete) is a material especially developed for the purpose of energy absorption and leads to notable damage reduction in case of impact loading and explosive events. Furthermore, Fraunhofer EMI develops, e.g., slidable, flexible protection-wall systems which can be applied in crisis areas as well as for major events.
Apart from direct structural measures, Fraunhofer EMI also investigates new sensor technologies which support relief forces in their rescuing endangered and injured people as fast and safely as possible during or after a crisis situation. Sensor networks integrated into buildings provide for real-time information on the condition of the building structure and thus helps to avoid especially critical areas that are at the risk of collapse.